The Skisimulator is part of the Culture and Tourist Destination in Holmenkollen, Norway’s most visited tourist attraction and one of the world’s most famous sporting arenas.
So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to jump the new Holmenkollen hill, it’s never been easier to find out and at the same time enjoy a truly spectacular experience.
Go to www.holmenkollen.com and find out what’s happening…with or without skis!


Once inside the Skisimulator you will get the ‘ride of your life’, including wind-effect when the skiing starts.
Up to 12 people can sit inside at the same time and the whole ride lasts about 5 minutes.
As far as we know there are hardly any similar ski jumping and downhill racing rides comparable in the world and that maybe one of the reasons why the Skisimulator and Holmenkollen were featured as one of the ’10 best things to do in 2011’ by Lonely Planet.
’The second part of the film-ride is a ‘point-of-view’ ride from the extremely challenging downhill OL ski racing-course at L Kvitfjell, Lillehammer, Norway.
It is the World-Cup winner himself doing the skiing, so hang on in, it’s 130 km/h all the way down to the finish-line!
“Amazing ride, amazing experience. It made me realize how crazy you have to be to go skiing at 130 km/h and how dangerous it is. It makes you want to scream out loud, so hold on tight!”

Find us

You will find the Skisimulator right under the ski-jump/skimuseum, just follow the signs to Skisimulator when you arrive at the skimuseum.